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(2013, 02:55) Channel 4 Random Acts. The sequel to PLAT DU JOUR (below).
When you’ve had one for the road, you’re left with a Nightcap. A man and the vintage Armagnac he’s just consumed go on an inner journey dealing with his deepest, darkest fears. More information

(2012, 02:30) Channel 4 Random Acts. Behind the scenes of a restaurant where the chefs put heart, soul and the rest of their body into every dish they cook.
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SHOWREEL - a selection of work by Milo Waterfield

(2009, 6'17"). Travelogue of a sex tourist in a land beyond the sea.
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HATE! (2008, 4 x 1') Originally made for the launch of 4mations.tv
HATE! Magazine is your indispensable celebrity gossip rag, dishing all the showbiz soil that's fit to print. This issue: Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, Gordon Ramsey and Sienna Miller's unwelcome guest... 
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MORON (2005, 4'00") Put-upon cartoon moron George Green is given a new lease of life when a mysterious moth visits him. But are knowledge, power and success all they're cracked up to be? One thing's for sure: the people of Anytown, UK just messed with the wrong Moron. Milo Waterfield's graduation film from the Royal College of Art.
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STAGGER LEE (2004, 1'25") Inconclusive collaboration with Marseille Figs
FUMEZ TOUT (2004, 40") Ban nothing. Smoke everything. Fumez Tout is the result of a 16mm film and After Effects workshop at the Royal College of Art.

HIGHLIFE (2000, 1'30") Clip-art with Tom Chant on saxophone.
An "improvised" film made over 24 hours for half-baked magazine.

second class smoker paye balaye oublie scrape the trouble off your boots
Second Class Smoker
Payé Balayé Oublié
(en français)
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