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ailu Jlof niito ftmif 4 i WASHINGTON THURSDAY DECEMBER 281871 PRICE THREE CENTS 3 HOLIDAY GOODS A PIE ACTORY THURSDAY 28 1871 THE RING RAUDS TWEED TAKES RENCH LEAVE OTHER MEMBERS THE RING MISSING HOLIDAY STOCK Old Ho 439 48 7 th St 7th st KOW OPBH AT MEXICO AND SLEIGHS AMUsem*nTS Less than Cost At AND SKATES Less than Cost LOST AT SEA LOST AT SEA EVERY EVERY A HIT AT LAST EVENING EVENING AND AND SLEIGH BELLS SATURDAY SATURDAY Less than Cost MATINEE MATINEE At THE ARKANSAS TROUBLES EXCELSIOR LIE INS CO INTO ANNUITY BONDS AT THE OPTION THE HOLDER HOLIDAY GOODS CHAMPAGNE THE WEATHER RENCH RUITS ISK DOUBLE AMD 8IMGLE GILT COVERS AND RTLVER MOUNTINGS is large and varied and embraces all the popular styles ot three manufacturers New York December A Quebec dispatch Bays a box was found the other day at tbe Grand Trunk Railway depot containing the mutilated body of a female In a partially decayed condition Tbe limbs had been cut off and the flesh chopped off them in large pieces The box had been left by a stranger whose name is unknown An in vestigation is pending 8 with tbe Part Pay ment of tbe Troops New Yoke December The Mata moras special says advices from Monterey to the 20th instant are positive that certain government commanders in league with the revolutionists will turn tbe entire border over to them Trevino and Canales Governor of Tamaulipas are now consulting at Llneras The attack on Mier is postponed Queroga in Monterey has his force furloughed lor five days forces have mostly been given to Mar tinez for a movement on San Luis our thousand dollars have arrived for the pay ment of the troops Twenty nine thousand are due There is much discontent Strict orders have been issued against any goods going free from the zone to the interior National Bank wntanlaation The Kentucky National Bank of Louisville and the' Second National Bank of Aurora HL have organized and commenced business the former with a capital of 200000 and the latter with a capital of 100 000' VOL IX NO 358 Sheriff in Peaceful Tbe Circ*mstances of the Affair St Louis December A dispatch from Lit tle Rock says arrivals from Chicot county report that after the shooting of the murderers Sanders Garrett and Dugan and the destruction of Gar store where Wynne was murdered the crowd immediately dispersed and the sheriff and posse have since remained in peaceful possession of the place Sanders Garrett and Dugan had been notoriously bad characters one having com mitted several murders and another Raving whipped a negro and broken his arm previous to their combined attack on Wynne These cir c*mstances rendered the negroes when assem bled uncontrollable until they had secured them selves from any other violence at their hands The Great ire Scene the Railroad and other Effects call forth spontaneous approval from Crowded and Refined Audiences With Some Remarks on: the Antiquity of Mince Pies Ca3Mntla of Chieus Newspapers Chicago December A well authenticated report says tbe Republican will be merged in the Post Saturday VISITING CARDS OR NEW DAY The Massaehnaetts State Temperance Alllane Boston December The Executive Com mittee of the State Temperance Alliance at a meeting to day elected Rev A A Minor presi dent and adopted an address to the prohibition ists ot Massachusetts urging that the fate of the cause must be finally decided at the ballot box ENGRAVINGS RAMES CHROMOS THE COLUMBIA TRIALS New Trial Moved in Mitchell's Case New Cases Taken Up Columbia December In the United States Court to day Mr Stanbery moved for a new trial in the case of Mitchell on the ground that the Kuklux conspiracy culminated March 6 1370 and was sought to be punished under the law enacted April 20 1871 He also moved an ar rest of judgment on the ground of unconstitu tionality of Kuklux acts The cases of Brown and Miller alleged Kuklux were taken up and Brown pleaded guilty HAMLINK dfc CO GENERAL AGENTS No 515 Seventh street ENGLISH AND AMERICAN GUNS STERLING SILVERWARE THE BEST TRIPLE PLATED WARE ANCY GOODS EVERY DESCRIPTION SUITABLE OR HOLIDAY PRESENTS We are receiving additions to our already large stock and in variety of design quality pt work manship and scale of prices can compete with any bouse in this country A call before purchasing is requested GOLDSTEIN CO 619 Pennsylvania avenue under the Metropolitan Hotel HIS PROPERTY TO BE ATTACHED ANOTHER BOWLSBY CASE Tbe Grand Trunk Ball way A Bex witb a Mutilated emale Body 1 NEW YORK All Policies Convertible GkBEBAL d' Sweet recently appointed irst Deputy commissioner or luternai Revenue was at hls'olUce yesterday and assumed the duties of bls new pwttlpn Gfn IUSaxtot and Cols Willard andL Bailey iVDawson Ut 8A Col Ba Sweet the new Deputy Commissioner of Internal Eeve sue aM A Jd Bishop of Little Roek Ark are at the Ebbitt House: CaHimmal Amat djs Sas iluto Esorso Bishop of alestijta and Vice Chancellor of the5 Holy Church in dead He was elected to We Ja 4 died at the age ol tev tot year WANTED ifty Ladles for the Ballet to appear tn the Magnificent Spectacu lar Play THE NAIAD Monday evening January 1 1872 Apply between 9 and 12 at stage entrance New Orleans December 27 The steamship lorida hence for Apalachicola sprung a leak and sunk in the Gulf of Mexico on December 23d The officers and crew took to boats and landed twenty miles east Of Mobile Point John Reed colored was drowned by the swamping ot a boat in the surf She was valued at 20000 no insur ance X' The GoverBmeat Negotiating for the Site of th Old Chicago Custom bouse Chicago December Collector McLean has received a letter from Secretary Boutwell instruct ing him to see the owners of the block of lands on the site of the old custom house aud post office aud ascertain what price they put upon them and provided the Government desires the property the holders will name the price to morrow which will be sent to the Secretary for consideration If the price is deemed to be too high it will be re jected at once and the Collector instructed to open negotiations for anew site Opening of tbe Austrian Relehsratb Vienna Decembei vJ27 The session ot the Reichsratfiwas opened to day but the speech will net be delivered until to morrow The estimates of the Minister of inance for the coming year were submitted and give the prob able expenditures at three hundred and fifty nine million fiorius against a revenue of three hundred and ninety eight millions Postal Treaties Nou IntercourMe With rance The United States now has satisfactory postal treaties with nearly every foreign Power with the exception of rance Spain and Russia's rela tions with this country In tbe matter of postal treaties require some new features to perfect them but with rance we have no direct postal inter course sc the postal convention with that country having been abrogated during the ranco Prussian war Negotiations however are pend ing between the two countries in reference to the subject i JEW NATIONAL THEATER NEW MATINEE At TWO or Ladies and Children ALA11DW Ob THE WONDERUa LAMP MAY SAVILLE as ALADDIN NEW NIGHT and every Evening until further notice the mag nificent Spectacular Drama THE NAIaD QUEEN GilURlack Walnut and ether Picture rames square and oval in greatest variety Handsome Oil Paintings Chromos and line Steel Engravings Picture Cord and Tassels Scriptural Texts in beautiful designs aud ele gantly framed HOLIDAY PRESENTS HANDSOME CANES SILK UMBRELLAS A Beautiful Stock at PEARCE'S 1419 Pennsylvania avenue The Chinee Gevernment Cutting It 'Eye Teeth London December 27 Dispatches from Shanghai announce that the Chinese Government has determined to follow the example of the Japanese and send young men to England and the United Staler to be educated in the schools of those countries The Treltlng Meeting th lienal Aaseeletlen New York December A special meetlngof the National Association for improving the inter ests ot the trotting turf was held to day George tSmith presiding to receiveevidence for de cision ou disputed points duriug the year The session continues to morrow The Cnrwett KtxYcf Tenllct ef theWnry NewYobs December 27 Tbe jury find that Edward Carroll was killed Christmas night by a blow from John McCartney bat tbe lat ter had no intention ot taking his Ufa McCart ney was held Is 15000 bain or the action af the grand jury 1 sh At AV New York December The jury in the Miner counterfeiting case returned a verdict of not guilty Department Bee rd Original Paper Produced la Court Some of the Department officials in closely scrutinizing the biU of General Butler amending the practice of courts In patent cases have dis covered that it has a tendency to destroy or greatly injure the records of the Patent Office inasmuch as it permits original papers on file in the Depart ments to be produced in court no matter in what section of tbe country and by so doing the proba bility of ever replacing them is uncertain Con sequently some opposition to the bill will be made manifest a i HOLIDAY GOODS HUDSON TAYLOR Pennsylvania avene near Ninth street A NEW SUPPLY ALL THK LATE HOLI DAY PUBLIUATIONS AS WELL AS STAN DARD WORKS GOLD PENS AND PENCILS LATEST DE SIGNS SCOTCH AND BOXWOOD WRITING DESKS AND CARD CASES DRESSING CASES WORK BOXES AND ANCY GOODS ALL DESCRIPTIONS SUITABLE OR HOLIDAY GITS LITHOGHAPHINI4 AND ENGRAVING EXE OUTED IN ALL STYLES AND DESIGNS VISITING WEDDING RECEPTION AND ball cards KERVAND PROBABLEJTBAGEDY Corpse Taken from a Chicago Mouse of Suspicions of Abortion or Poison Cincinnati December William Shreb baggage master on the Pittsburg and ort Wayne railroad who left Chicago Saturday with the corpse of Mrs McCoy was arrested upon his ar rival at Lima Ohio in compliance with a tele gram from Chicago officers who allege that the corpse was seen to have been taken from a well known house of assignation there and there are reasonable grounds for suspicion that the woman was either the victim of poison or abortion SECOND DISPATCH Chicago December 27 MiUer who made a partial post mortem examination of the remains of Mrs McCoy says he discovered no grounds on which to base the belief that the woman died from other than natural causes ILLUSTRATED BOOKS OB CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY GITS AT BOOKSTORE JUVENILE BOOKS in every variety EUROPEAN BOOKS elegantly bound WRITING DESKS PORTOLIOS EPISCOPAL AND CATHOLIC PRAYEB BOOKS AND BIBLES BEAUTIUL PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS ANCY PAPERTERIE LIBRARY INKSTANDS BACKGAMMON BOARDS DIARIES OR in every variety Patent Spring Backs from 25 cents to 15 ALPHABET BLOCKS and Popular Games for Children PAPER AND ENVELOPES ready initialed plain or in colors any letter BLANK BOOKS AND STATIONERY of every description for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore Corner our and a half street and Penn avenue THE PRINCE His Convalescence Retarded Disap pointment in London at His Slow The queen London December 1 The noon bul letin from Sandringham to day reports that the Prince bf Wales passed a quiet night but that convalescence is retarded by a painful affection above the left hip accompanied by feverishness No inquietude is felt as to the condition but regret and disappointment at the slowness of his recovery are generally expressed Hopes had been raised that the Prince would be able to go out before tbe end of the holidays and prepara tions for public rejoicing had been made Non realization ot these expectations throws a damper on the festivities of the season The Queen returns to Sandringham to day London December 27 Queen Victoria left Windsor for Sandringham in a special train at three this afternoon Krw Yons December 27 tribune says has received Information tliat Tweed has fled and either is is flight from ths country hr skulks somewhere Concealed from the Sherlft's officers Until new bondsmen come forward to save him Irom Imprisonment this statement of the Trib une it seems is UASed on tbe fact that Terrence arley is reported to have given notification to the Sheriff of his withdrawal from bail bond Also that neither Hugh Hastings nor Jay Gould would attempt to pass the examination re quired and justify in the sums in which they have offered themselves When Tweed learned of ar intention it is said that he disappeared im mediately or ho' would have slept last night in tbe county prison He was at office in' Duane street at about 4 yesterday afternoon but thereafter disappeared and as the Tribune as serts up to 1 clock last night he had not been seen by those wiio sought him Tweed's son Richard of the Metropolitan Hotel has of fered himself as bondsman in the place of Ter rence Jkrley and ft is stated that Charts Cer nell AVaier Registrar and Charles Devlin will take the place of Gould aud Hastings Thaxaminatiou of sureties continues to day and it may be several days before all the sureties are examined Corporation Counsel states that he will take steps for the removal of James Swee ney aud Hugh Smith as commissioners ot the ex tension of Riverside Park on account of their absence from the city These gentlemen are said to be absenting themselves to evade the result of the action of the grand jury It has been reported that Charles would terminate his connection with the prosecution of the ring suits when Attorney General Barlow comes into office Barlow however says he will endeavor to have Charles aid It is probable that the counsel for the people will soon move to attach property Al ready application has been made restraining Tweed from disposing of his property and it is expected that lawyers are about io move to have this application denied XewYohk December The statement that 1 Tweed can not be found is correct It appears that Terence arley concluded to with draw his bail bond for Tweed but Sheriff Bren nan Informed arley that he must produce Tweed in place of his bond arley has busily endeavored to find Tweed but unsuccessfully This noon sons offered another party in place of arley but he was not accepted at present Sev eral officials are anxiously watching the points of departure from the city to prevent the escape of Tweed who is doubtless in abiding place in town New Yobe December At a late hour this afternoon the Sheriff had failed to discover the whereabouts of Tweed though a large number of deputies are in active search His sons persist that their father is in the city and that they had au interview with him to day A warrant for his arrest has been put in the hands of a deputy sheriff by Terence arley The rumor that Tweed was arrested and confined in the Metropolitan Hotel is untrue Ex Sheriff O'Brien was a witness before the grand jury yesterday The rumor ot the Indictment of Mayor Hall is (till believed and It is stated that the papers have ieen returned to the grand jury for some correc tion and will soon be ready for presentation Albany YDecember 27 The argument on the motion to vacate the' order ot arrest of Thomas ields was concluded before Judge Learned this morning The Judge took the papers Mr Burriil counsel for Tweed at the special term of the Supreme Court this afternoon moved the order of injunction against selling his property on the ground that there was no or der attached requiring an answer within ten days as provided in rule 94 Mr Peckham op posed the motion and at the same time made a motion for another injunction Mr Peckham also moved for the continuance of the Injunction against selling his property during the pendency oLthe sut agalnst him After some ax' guraent Mr Burri'l withdrew his motion to va cate tbe injunction and Judge Learned denied the motion of Mr Peckham to continue the in junction New December A Tweed has not turned up yet He is said to have been at the Metropolitan to day also at the Department of Public Works His friends deny that he has left the city aud 'say he is prepared to meet every issue LARGE COAL SALE One Hundred and Twenty TH on sand Tons Sold at Anctloa Decline in Prices New Yobk December One hundred and twenty thousand tons of Scranton coal were sold at auction to day in the sales rooms of the Scranton Coal Company corner ot William street and Ex change Place There was a large attendance of buyers and the bidding was spirited A notable decline from the prices obtained last month was apparent The following are therprices obtained last month for different qualities ot coal and those obtained at sale: Lump coal $3 42j to S3 47 steamboat coal $4 to S3 92 grate coal $4 to 34 05 egg coal 4 85 to 4 17 stove coal 35 to $4 77 chestnut coal 4 02 to 3 87 INCOLN HALL A MRS MOULTON greatest Singer in two Grand Moulton Concerts MON DAY and TUESDAY January 8 and 9 a'slstrd by Mr Brookhonse Bowler Tenor Signor er ranti world renowned Baritone Buffo and Mr James Wehli the eminent Pianist Mr Georgs Colby Musical Director THE GRAND DUKE Preparation for His Reception at st Lonls St Louis December 27 Arrangements for the reception and entertainment of Alexis have been completed Tbe Duke will arrive on the evening of January 5 A committee will meet him some miles from the city and on his arrival will escort Mm to the Southern Hotel where sumptuous apartments have been prepared for him Monday evening there will be a grand ball and banquet at the Southern Hotel PABiKDeceipber 27 the National Assembly today the proposed Income tax was again under discussion Minister of inance Ponyer Quer tier spoke in opposition to the measure which he denounced as arbitrary and inquisitorial The speaker cited lord Brougham and President Grant in support of his remarks i' In the course of some allusions to England the Minister asserted that she was only a free trader where there was no confpetition pro posal for the levying of a genera income tax was voted upon and was rejected by a large majority Italy Congratulates Kugland Rome December The King Italy has sent bis congratulations to the Queen ot England onthe aunouucmnetit that tbe Prlaoe ot WateD 1 wteftenfWi OR TBE HOLIDAYS JAMES TOP HAM ACO Seventh Street between and east side having just rXTaHjDKD THEIR STOCK SUITABLE OR THE HOLIDAYS OEB GREAT INDUCEMENTS TO PURCHASERS GOODS IN THEIR LIN consisting of domestic and Imported SItcheLs for uids and traveling jjjqACKP IrvJt Toy Trunks in great variety together with a HORSE BLANKETS CABBlAfiE MATS Ac ac at reducea pnw RECEIVED 1OO CASES DI DE MONTEBELLO VERY RUITY AND DELIGHTUL LAVOR AND TASTE This brand is exclusively used in Paris and all rance We pronounce this Wine in every regard SUPERIOR to Roederer or Mumm SHOOMAKER HERTZOG Sole Importers of the District Nos 1331 and 1333 street between Thirteenth and ourteenth streets JW Received 130 CASES' QUARTS AND PINTS DRY MONOPOLE the Dryest Wine in the season of VERY INE LAVOR AND TASTE SHOliMAKER HERTZOG Sole Importers of tne District Nos 1331 and 1333 street between Thirteenth and ourteenth THE PACIIC COAST A New Presidential Candidal Ventral Pacllie Trains' la Kunning Oyder Again i San rancisco December The National Labor Union inaugurated a movement in favor ot George Julian et Indiana for Presideht by a unanimous resolution declaring him their first choice Sacrambsto December All the trains on the Central Pacific railroad east of this point are running on time Tbe damage to tbe road by the storm is slight Ar Debate on tbe Income Tax in th rench Visiting Cards engraved and printed expe ditiously An experienced engraver ou the prem ises and the work done in the latest style Send in orders at once to avoid the rush and secure the cards PHILPA NOIOMONN Bookseller anil Stationers11 Penna HOLIDAY GIT BOOKS! NEW AND BEAUTIUL PRESENTS AT ALL PRICES AND OB ALL AGES Bibles Catholic and Episcopal Prayer Books Methodist Presbyterian and Baptist Hymn Books Standard Poets all styles and prices Mis cellaneous and Juvenile Gift Books liandsoinely bound and illustrated Games and Toy books in great variety Photograph and Musical Albums Pocket books and Cutlery Gold ensand Pencils latest designs: Opera Glasses and Stereoscopes a large lot CHROMOS AT COST: Ilin minated Texts and Crosses: Writing Desks and Portfolios: Chess and Chess boards Back gammon Checkers Parcheesi Brisque Ac a large stock of rench and Vienna ancy Goods at less than regular prices at CIAKDELL RILEY'S BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS Corner of Seventh and Streets New York December The Government to day purchased only 24 550 worth of bonds at 1 0830 to 10839 The Treasury te day paid out 3267900 In gold and 3340000 in currency on account of the January interest and 20000 in gold in the re demption of ive Twenty bonds Eighty two thousand seven hundred and ninety seven three per cent certificates were presented for payment to day at the treasury Restrict! th Press 1 ranc Paris December 27 The Minister of the In terior to check the license of public journals proposes to Increase the stringency of the laws and regulations for the control of the press It is understood that the intentions have the approval of the President and the journals most offending will soon be made to feel their effect HOLIDAYCOODS NEW STOCK NEW STORE NEW PRICES The public are invited to call and examine my Stock BEN RENCH Stationer Under National Metropolitan Bank 613 ifteenth street opposite Treasury 8 Card Printing done to Order Holiday now is the time to select Holiday Gifts from the largest and most complete stock we have ever offered comprising in part all the New Illustrated Books of the Season Standard Poets in every variety of binding Sets of Standard Works in calf and half calf Devotional and Theological Works amily Pulpit and Pocket Bibles our own im portation the largest most choice and cheapest ever offered in this District All the new American and English Juvenile books beautifully bound and illustrated chromos and Mottoes Writing Desks Inlaid Papier Mache Rosewooo Mahogany and Leather Work boxes and Dressing Cases Albums Card Cases Pocket books Games Parlor Croquet Parcheesi Building Blocks Magic Bings aud Desections WM 402 Seventh street Intelligencer Building JpiNE WATCHES SOLID GOLD CHAINS RICH JEWELRY GILT VERDE AND BRONZE CLOCKS: War Department Office Chief Sion ai Officer December 28 1 A SYNOPSIS OR THH PAST TWENTY OUR HOURS The low barometer which existed night tn Western New York has apparently moved northeast nd eastward with diminishing pres sure An increased area of rainfall Wednesday morning 1 rising barometer and clear weather have now succeeded throughout the Atlantic States with northwest winds increasing to brisk from Virginia to New York The highest barome ter has moved southeastward Inta Missouri and thence east into Kentucky and' Tennessee with clear weather everywhere except tram Alabama tteTera where northeasterly winds now prevail with light rains on the Gnll Co The temperature has fallen most rapidly in the Middle States bw is lowest from Iowa ar Min neseta to Lake Huron The barometer has fallen steadily on tit* California coast witb threatening weather and rain pnc3ABnrrtEB rii The barometer Wilt probably fail on Thursday thruughoot the Mississippi Valley with threaten ing weather aud southerly winds from Minnesota to Arkansas Cloud and rain continue In Texas and Louisiana: with easterly winds Clear weather and rising barometer with falling temperature in the amt Middle States The area of highest pressure pass to the Middle Atlantic coast and northward Clear and cold weather prevail ing from the Lower Lakes aud St Lawrence to the Atlantic with dimipMilug nortwesteriy winds Blsiug temperature and light winds ou the Upperbear uo ttr 80 i 4 Pleisb Tell Youb Where to GET RELIE CORNS BUNIONS Chilblains Vascular Excrescences Club and In growing Toe nails and other diseases of the feet relieved witiiout pain so the patient can walk with ease immediately at Dr establish ment No 535 ifteenth street Opposite Treasury Washington (Branch office No 7 North Charles street near Baltimore street Balti more) 1 Refurs to many eminent Burgeons hysL clans and thousands of other well known and re sponsible patrons Hours from 8 AM to 6 Press of bust ness at office precludes visiting patients at resi dence except between 6 and 8 ESTABLISHED IN WASHINGTON IN 186L Siavjr Mltla Clrcmtar Tim followifig of Importance to naval officers has just been Issued: 1 NavT Department December 1 iff! The regulations kw the government of the United States navy established March 3L l70 are hereby amended so as to conform to seetiou five of the aet making appropriations for the naval service approved March 3 IwL Paragraph 633 will read as follows Medical Pay Engineer officers and othera not of the line and not classified by law are placed in tbe Navy Register in tb follow! order: Medical directors medical inspectors surgeons passed assistant surgeons assistant surgeons pay directors pay Inspectors paymasters passe assis ant paymasters assistant paymasters chtet engineers first assistant enrfu ers aecond assist ant engineers chaplains professors of rnatne niatlcs carpenters saitmakers secretaries clerks Paragrajm 6S5 will read as follows: The relative rank between line and Medical Pay Engineer and other oncers not of the line is regulated by law as follows' Medical directors pay directors Chief engineers 10 naval first 2 first Relative rank of captain Medical instpectors pay inspectors chief engt neers next 15 naval next chap next relative rank of commander Surgeons paymasters chief next 43 naval remainder next 7 Relative rank of lieutenant commander or lieutenant Passed assistant surgeons passed assistant pay masters first assistant engineers assistant naval relative rank of lieutenant or mas ter Assistant surgeons assistant paymasters sec ond assistant engineers relative rank of master or ensign Secretary to the Admiral secretary to the vice admiral: relative rank of lieutenant Paragraph 878 is annulled its provirlons having been changed by section 8 at the act of July 15 1870 Geo Robeson Secretary of tbe Navy Paragraph 878 referred to in the above cir cular sets forth that assistant surgeon or assistant paymaster who after examination shall be reported by the Board as not qualified for pro motion shall be dropped from the list ot officers of the This paragraph whk so modified by tne act Congress of July 15 1870 as to provide that any officer below the grade of commander who falls to pass his examination shall be suspended Irom pro motion for a year with corresponding loss ot date when he shall be reexamined and then in case ot failure slrall be dropped from the Ser vice" Madrid December 27 regiment of chas seurs sailed to day from Santander to join the Spanish army in Cuba His Majesty King Ama deus waa present and a farewell speech to the troops causing much enthusiasm I New York December 27 last Tuoney ap propriated tor the Brooklyn city officials was drawn from the treasury to day to pay tbe last salaries tiuu3aml dollars re main ucpajd mxttt authority otistiued from tbe British Troup be Withdraw from Malirax Halifax December It is reported on good authority that all the British troops ex cept a few artillery will be withdrawn from Hali fax in the spring which is now the only garrisoned city iu the Dominion The New Terk PrintluK Property to be Seld at Auction New York December The extensive prop erty of the New York Printing Company recently seized by the Sheriff and bought by the Ocean Bank on a protested note for 31C9339 87 will be sold at public auction next riday January a "A Postmaster Charged With Embes sling Cleveland December William A Whit taker postmaster at Bowling Green Wood county Ohio was arrested and brought here to day charged with embezzling money order funds He was held in 31500 bail to answer the charge me srMiyu uecia ranue veraiea ur luiiu arecemixir iu ineoiwaiju election frauds case the jury found a verdict of guilty in the case of Weedon and Met) iff ord and not guilty in the case of Shandley Sentence was postponed Tw Wrls Burned to Death PtfTIRG Pa The residence of A Woods Pittsburg at WheatlandPa was burned Christmas and two servant girls were burned to death Loss on the house325000 in sured for 315 000 Belated by New York December The steamer Silesia' which left Hamburg on tbe 13th was detained by fog and did not leave Havre until December 23 Site can not be expected before the 2d or 3d of January 1 Extensive Burglary Cincinnati December On Sunday evening the residence of Ward in Madisonville six miles from this city was entered by burglars who abstracted from a trunk $30000 in bank 5 A Big Haul by Swindlers New York December The Broadway Bank has had passed upon it a worthless check for $20 000 Another cheek for the same amount has been passed on a Newark bank by the same party Sugar Beilnery Burned Boston December 27 A fire occurred this evening in the Harvard Sugar Refinery in Water street East Cambridge owned by Nash Spalding 1 Loss 330600 fully insmed A a Bad Weather In (Jtah Salt Lake December There are further reports of snow slides with loss of life in the min ing canons The weather Is very bad It is snowing to day Broeklyn ighting tb Small Pox New York December The Brooklyn aider men have appropriated 310000 for use against the small pox The disease is however slightly decreasing 4 A Heavy Swindle New York! December One of the city banks has been swindled out of 340 000 in tbe pur chase of business paper in the open market which proved to have been forged COMMENCE the new year WITH A DIARY The Executive Mansion Serious Illness of the Actor Hackett It was the intention of the President to admit The many friends and admirers of Mr James no visitors to bis office during the holidays but I Hackett the veteran actor will learn with some Of them have caught him there early of I regret that he is lying dangerouslyillathisresi pres for interviews dence at Jamaica Long Island His disease is until he finds nearly all his time spent in the I dropsy with complication of liver and lung com office Yerterday he saw Senators Chandler plaint the result of a severe cold taken two weeks erry Morton Scott and Corbett and General I ago His condition at present is a critical oneJohn Eaton Jr Commissioner of Education I and but slight hopes are entertained of hisulti mate recovery Mr Hackett is now in hissev 'v EBaosAL enty second year Rev Robert Breckinridgedied yesterday Eooklug Anr the DlstUler evening at JHs Home in Danville Ky after a pro )ne the cterks of thP internal Revenue Bu rean will for he Western States in a few 7s Theodors Hagen musician and publisher of I days to visit the more Important distillers to as the Weekly Review died yesterday in New York I certain If tiievare running their stills in accord ofhearHsemse 4 auce with their bonds Home of the distillers if i not watched closely manage to put more spirits Hon Murray Morrison formerly of Illinois I on the market than their bonds or the capacities judge of the 17th district 'court died in Los An of their stills would indicate they should manu geles last week factute General Wm Sherman and Lieutenant Trlal'of Miner the Counterfeiter rederic 'Grant son of President Grant are I The trial ot Joshua Miner the famous conn expected to arrive in Paris to day 4 terfeiter of New York now going ou in that city Mis Carrow Marshalof North Carolina the rr the Treasury I6Dartment Although the ease has was at the Treasury Departmeut yesterday on I doubtful aspect in favor of the defendant tbe business connected with his official accounts I Government is sanguine of convicting him It is a wi 4 1 believed that large sums of money have beenex Senatoh Chandler and Judge Edmunds city I ponded in sueoruiug witnesses for tlie defense pestmastefr left tbe dlty last evening for Detroit I Trrr 1 Mich They Will be absent about ten or twelve ifBoveramets SeeiorUiesiemlAol days 'vi 4nst CMlledl er ine semi auuuat uu uuvcruiucui loans which fails du January teiz amounts to over24000000 and is payable in Tbe interest spayablaon coupon bondsds in excess ot the regis tered stock aout 32600000 The Interest on tbe Pacific Railway bonds falls due at the same time aud payable in currency amounts to $1938565 Increased Hall Service to Prob nbiiity of Senal Montbly Trips Strong efforts are to be made this sesslon'of Congress to establish an additional line of stam ers between this country and China so that semi monthly trips cso be made The President kav ring recommended this as well as the PostmBter 4 jb HAVANA Dr Nationality A Spanish Colonel Killed In a Recent New Proclamation by Valmaseda December 27 communication from the authorities of says: "The father of Dr Howard came here as a colonist with his sons and received land from the Govern ment as recompense Subsequently he was ap pointed commissary of poiise and thereby be came a Government official Dr Howard was always considered a Spaniard but never held office being a physician On the 10th of January 1870 Dr Howard took out a police document same as Issued to Spaniards and made no objec tion to it It is therefore considered doubtful whether he is an In a recent near Manzanillo the Spanish Colonel O'Bergeron was killed Captain General Valmaseda hai issued a proc lamation in which he says the pardon offered tbe insurgents can not last forever He now pro claims that every insurgent captured after the 15lhof January will be shot Those surrendering aftei that date will be sentenced to perpetual im prisonment Negroes are to be treated the sama as whites AU negro women captured will be de livered to their owners and compelled to wear a chain for four years All white women cap tured in the woods after the 15th of January will be banished from the country The chiefs ot insurgent bands will be allowed to surrender till the 15th of January uuder the conditions hitherto granted MABIBE DISASTER Sinking of the Steamship lorida 1 A GREAT HIT LOST AT SEA ifty Ladles for UUAl IU Vliv SUi A Louisville dog is Matilda Heron whofiy recovered London smok8 the latest color ociables are all the rage out West Minecounterfeiting case has gone to the jury to have a statue in Park lane London qd Chicago woman aqt'lafiy slept through he gt fire Jomptroller Greeo' yesterday paid 510000 to tte street sweepers I yfhyrton will not allow a plea ot insanity to be urged her defense I Goulard the new rench Minister to Italy will leave for Rome on tbe 10th of January Prince Karl Auersperg has been appointed President of the upper House of the Austrian Reichsrath 1 real estate assessment of Brooklyn is ex pected to show increased valuation on sew build tugs of about five millions adjourned examination of Bank Examiner Callender charged with receiving bribes from the Ocean Bank was continued yesterday 1 secretary of the Light house fBbard is having revised for publication the "Instructions and Directions to Light house Credit this to the New York Oommercial Ad rertieerr: "Tweed and Ingersoll have thought Barnard was au wen he spoke to Bait John Jay American Minister dinedwith Count Audrassy at Vienna last week The representatives of all the European Powers were present A compositor In tbe office of the Carthage Re publican has compiled 668 legitimate English words from the letters forming the words Prince Alexis Is said that William Tweed has no desire to enter the Kingdom of Heaven since he has read Revelations xiv 2 and learned that there will be Harpers there Countess Gilbert de Voisons better known to the world as Taglionl is about to re turn to England It is nearly twenty five years since she left the stage woman in Pittsfield Mass has a husband who is fond of ruin Whenever he gets drunk she levies ou the liquor dealers a tax of 25 which is paid in preference to a prosecution She is expecting 350 as a result of Christmas New Years I Michigan woman named Lossin who has been in the babit ot stuffing red pepper in her neiceV eyes because she did not eat fast enough has een sentenced to pay a fine of KK and con fine jient in the Detroit House of Correction for ninety days A California editor in speaking of a noto rious ruffian in that State who is supposed to have 'committed more murders than any other man on the Pacific Coast savs "He has a won derful talent for bereaving any family he does not happen to A party of ort Wayne young gentlemen dined sumptuously at a restaurant and each one insisted en paying the bill To decide the matter it was proposed to blindfold tbe waiter aud the firstone he caught should pay the bill He causht any of them yet Ballou for some years identified with a successful Boston magazine is announced as about to organize a great in Boston which shall aim to do Io Boston wha the Trib une World and Herald do for New York The capital is said to be ready aud tbe 'site of the Transcript secured for the new publica tion office Sweeny just previous to leaving home and friends or Canada sent word to Colonel James jr that he was going away "to be rid of b'jjj (tne gallant colonel) and £is prosti tutes jnfs was very singular and Colonelfou'AS i Jr is now going around among his arlualntauces asking anxiously what in their Opinion Peter Sweeny meant I Is rather refreshing te learn that Canada contains the capital of the New World We have always suspected it but never dared to hint it The citizens of Ottawa the other day hoped that the Grand Duke might carry back with him to his home in a northern capital of the Old World toothing but pleasant memories ot his too brief stay In this northern capital ol tbe Sew Burnes who is sentenced to be hung at Pittsfield Ill December 29th recently told his mother to take on so about it it do no good and that he would "make a for her yet The poor old lady overwhelmed with grief asked him how he expected to do that when he replied that he was going to sell his body to the doctors aud site should have the proceeds ol the sale to live on I The New York Evening Mail says: pro prietors of the Jersey City Evening Journal entertained three hundred newsboyslat dinner Christmas a hint upon which our metropoli tan journals might do well to act in coming years The newsboys are a very useful class in commu nity but their average lot is not so prosperous that they would disdain to receive recognition of this sort at the hands of those whose wares they sell In Muhlenburg county Kentucky is a sand stone rock with flat surface thirty orjorty feet square on which? are Indian hieroyphics as strange and as difficult to decipher probably as any in the United States Among the figures is the full sized form of an Indian surrounded by numerous forms of different animals The sun moon the stars and other symbolic signs are dis tinctly carved still leads in society circles aud the New York Mail remarks: "It Is too good a thing to be given up None but good dancersi have any show in the so it is an incen tive for all to try to dance elegantly To lead it well requires the tact of a practiced society man the self possession of the ancient Nicholas the dancing of a sylph and the temper an angel Long live the the first place that Castanon whose grave was violated was the miserable brag who edited a Cuban Isabellan paper and came to Key West to challenge and kill an American editor who dared to criticise the billingsgate The author ities prevented the duel and before he left the place Castanon was shot by a Cuban In the sec oud place ills grave was not disturbed tit alL All this is why the poor boys were shot The venerable George Hill who died at St Vincent Hospital New York last week was during the terms of Webster Everett and several ot their successors in the Department of State' librarian and besides assisting in the production Of some of the great papers of that time he issued several important works in special branches of literature Mr Hill was born in 1796 at Gullford Conn where his body has been sent for burial The New York Commercial Advertiser says: fooling over that amnesty billl Messieurs Senators You perfectly understand the senti ment of the people in reference to it They would strike off every fetter and let the captive go free Political serfdom as the punishment of treason they have no disposition any further to enforce The day of grace has eome at last and certain it is that if you do not to this extent give quiet to the South the people will give a quietus te you The New York Commercial Advertiser says: President Grant were capable of being melted by its tenderness his dissolution would inevitably follow the praises launched upon him by the Lon don Times for having contributed by the treaty of Washington to the of Pounds shillings and pence have nothing to do with these phiio American spasms of Abe The of nations is the sub lime sentiment that warms its rhetoric and prompts it to grapple Grant to its bosom so to speak with of tEnglish) steel Champagne Courier thus' describes the execution of two unfortunates who after having: slain a German soldier belonging to the force oc cupying a small town had been given up to the German authorities: "The two condemned were lead out by Prussian soldiers or art hour and a half they were exhorted by the abbe and two priests and they finally received 'absolution They were conveyed into a field where a platoon of Prussian soldiers was drawn up They were calm stood erect before the enemy with un bandaged eyeS and fell without a ftroan when shot As soon as they fell some Prussians at once gave them decent burial residence in Poissy near Paris there is now to be seen the largest picture he has ever painted It is eight feet five and is called Charge of Cavalry jNapoleon is at the left surrounded by his Geuerais Beyond is the Guard The Emperor upon his white horse is represented in theket of rais ing his hat to the cavalry who arc charging across the picture from the right The soldiers all flushed and animated with tbe spirit of their commander are standing in their stirrups waving their sabers and evidently shouting Vive The painting is a very fine one and has been sold to Sir Richard Wallace for Boston workman who says be has little sympathy with the foolish twaddle sometimes said and written about working rights sends the following to the Traveller ol that eity: tal without labor is like tatth without dead Labor without capital Is like work without faith valueless In tbe nature of things thesis perfect harmony between them and selfishness alone I suggests any antagonism Let capital beware lest it alienate labor Let labor beware lest it cripple capital Let capital say to labor thy hands? aud let labor reply but iet we of the strloja to thy SOUTH ARICA The Diamond Pretest Aalst Annexation to Great Diacov erlea of Gold London December 27 The mall steamer from the Cape of Good Hope has arrived and brings accounts of the manner in which the announce ment of the annexation of the African territory to the British dominions was received by the in habitants The Intelligence that the treaty had' been finally concluded produced much excite ment Mr Brand president of the ree State had issued a formal protest against the transfer qf the diamond fields toGreat Britain Discover les of gold in considerable quantities had bciu made iu the Transvaal Republic The reports at tracted many adventurers to that quarter Dia mond seekers were abandoning the districts for the newly discovered gold country Capetown continued thronged with arriving and returning fortune hunters The business of the colony was making great strides PHILP STOCK OR HOLIDAY PRESENTS All the Latest Styles in Seal Astrakhan Er mine and Mink SABLE SETS 320 tn 3141) Seal and Astrakhan Sacqnes ami the ashionable Alaska Sable Muffs and Boas Seal and Astrakhan Caps and Turbans furs in great variety WILLETT RUO'S No 905 Pennsylvania avenue )R HOLIDAY ELEGANT STRIPED LONG AND SQUARE SHAWLS ELEGANT PAISLEY LONG AND SQUARE SHAWM with a splendid assortment ot 8ILKS BILK POPLINS SILK VELLOURS SATTEBNS CASHMERES ME1HNOES in all the new cloth colors and at neatly reduced prices TAYLOR No 705 Market Space QUITABLE MEMENTOS OB PRESENTS Beal Sacks Muffs and Boas Astrakhan Sacks Muffs and Boas Russian and Hudson Bay Sable Sets Mink Sable Sets 335 to 3100 Royal Ermine Black Marten and White ur Sacks OR Holiday Dress Hats Seal Caps Prices low Goods warranted as rep resented ST1NEMETZ HATTER AND URRIER 1237 Pa are near Thirteenth HOW MR BEECHER BEGAN 5 PREACHING Mis KaffsU Hts Bxpertenee 3 iLewreeesburH Indian rom the Christian Union I was asked to cress tlte river from Cincinnati and preach in Covington and I went over and i began to preach there I did not know but I was going to stay there And I was perfectly willing to rcrom the New York Times Decemberj ttoy But I was soon called by a woman to Law We have always had that abiding fatth in old rencebara 8ha was the factotum of tbe whole chronicles which refuses to be shaken When we ehnrc And weut there and ke therefore name across that one a record of the nijh buUdine 4 WM ed over a town Debonnaire (8O2)and how he two dutUleries and twenty devils In iti I held the good farmer tiie Abbey of Sr Denis wasTerypoor There was no patrimony coming fastiy and firmly bound under dire penalty of you know The moment I was out of the forfeiture unless it furnished yearly certain I seminary I was without my father support and metres of honey and of fine wheat for the mam Qbl? care a sal ufomure ot pastnes aU for ths royal eourtof of od ready to aceep the same with of go to New EngIand to mrr out murmurol dissent There was a certain 1 as rhC parj3h paid only half of it and the item in it however which staggered us To gal other halt was to eome from the Missionary So lon of honey which presupposed the idea that I tbejjeesof that early period must have tnrned 1 back I was taken up by a good Methodist brother out their products In a mneh more wholesale way for about a week and theu I got these two rooms than at present and to incalculable measures of 7 One was the Kitchen cellar and sitting room the aaire wheate was added a little demand on the I otner was the library bed room and parlor so good fathers for 1000 fatoxeu all to be used for tliat we had six rooms calling each three The the Xhhtertton1no nt Htrim! are fnrned to cellar was made by mitring tilings under the bed tne contecfioniog of pastries We are forced to and th0otherroonis wereilded by sundry devices acknowledge with all due reverence for such Yon who go into flush houses furnished by your musty cKrenicles as far as the making of I grandpapas and grandmamis do not knowany nanes and Tonrts or Dies went altera stnmrfe thing abont the joys of housekeeping Persons piuesanaLoiirts i or pies went airera struggle onght Bt the bottom to know what these we were reluctantly obliged to deem the oxen as joys are Anfl I began down there an archieologicat whopper foo tough to be swal I had no idea tliat I could preach I never ex lowed Allthe world at least that por peeted that I could accomplish much I merely went to work with the feeling 1 will do as well tion of fhe world which has devoted any atten as I ean and I will stick to it if the Lord pleases tion thesdenee of enlightened how and fight his battle the nest way I a fatoouscook of modern times reduced a hun I And I was thankful as Icould be Nobody ever 1 sent me a spare rib that I did not thank God for dred harfis to a smgla cupfull ot essence amLto tbe kindness which vrae shown me I recollect a moment he Imagined that perhaps the pastry when Judge gavQ me his cast off clothing cook of the ninth century possessed similar powers I I lelt that I was sumptuously clothed I wore old coats and second hand shirts for two or three ot conceti trit Ing the juices of a thousand oxen I years and I was aot above it although But ths chronicle goes on to say how the pastry I sometimes as I wa phvsicallv a somewhat well was made according to the royal recipes' and such developed man and the Judge was thin and his I legs were slim they were rai her a tight fit a thing as a beefs eak pie is entirely ignored I There was a humorous side to this but I could Soyer somewhere draws the parallel between the easily have put a dolorous side to it I could have prepared food of various epochs and ends his said "Humph! pretty business son ot Lyman of thfe nodmreTand Between the oils fritter of the I where there are no elders and no men to make Biblical Hebrew and the nierriugue of our period them out of This is not according to my deserts there Js nlmply the difference of some thousands I could do better I oujrht not to waste mytal 01 years of oivtiized art May we not then enrs In such a But! was delivered from flora these propnetie woros engender the hope any sneh feeling I felt that it was an un that some day luerring ie may be had by the speakable privilege to be anywhere and speak Of Cnrist 1 haT very little theology is The Indigestible fact however of this thousand to say it slipped away from me I knew it of oxen preyed on our mind and would have for but it did not do me any good It was hke an ever repiaiued so in a most uncomfortable nay ai mor which had lost its buckles and would not butfor a Uto discovery of ours Aver since our stick on But 1 had one vivid the reallza faith in all that la written in a culinary way even tion of the love of God in Christ Jesus Andi to Charles Lamb roast pig is more firmly than tried to work that up in every possible shape for into our brain my people And it was the secret of all the little It happened id this way Walking along one of success which I had in the cany parr of my minis the avenues there was a pleasant odor It re try I remember that I used tn ride one in the called the long lost ambrosial fragrance which neighborhood and preach to the destitute and once greeted our youthful senses long lung ago that my predominant feeling was thanksgiving fi a on a trad we instinctively that God had permitted me to preach cheun fojowed our nos If it wss not tlte smell of I searcliablo ricites of His craci baked pies what was it? With faculties strained to the utmost amid a din and clatter of chopping and pounding there came a rattle of tin pans all Ttoe Ex Collector Murphy proceeding from a large building In front of it I rom the New York Times stood innumerable wagons and vans blocking the The compliment tendered by a large number ot and trays were res'll ingVand tliKhy rPbte citizens to ex Collector Mur most delirious way as if life depended ujKjn their Phy last evening was a well deserved tribute to secllrune3 g'ven Quantity of pies I a life long Republican and an honest man and wc asked of a driver' vou I have two horses to one pie wagon We could was appropriate as a vindication of his understand two horses to a load of paving stones I character against the groundless and malicious ad A attacks of his enemies It would be difficult to saidiilakTndofX'llrate Mung? and to find in all the annals of vituperation a more to be kept flaky The heft of a pie is two and a causeless malicious and vindictive assault upon and as we carry 500 ot them and a public official than that which the Tribune insti wanfte akditlie aup I tuted against Mr Murphy The time of the at mostly with 500 but as we are driven most mad tack the manner iu which it was made and Jusi ouw we piles in all the pies the horses can the utterly worthless character of the witnesses brought forward to sustain it all stamp xo a on mean to say that all those wagons it as an unscrupulous attempt to stab the reputa full of piesaje sold in a day do we in tion of an unoffending man in order to accomplish ftu an unworthy political object Those journals ive eight hundred to a load throughout the country that have been innocently no circ*mstance I 11 to back here to day two or led to believe that there must have been some th ree times io imore by it a mouthful ground for the attack because it appeared in the Tribune owe it to their readerstoquotelhere in marks made by ex Mayor updyke at theserenade 1s uaums desperut on minces just now last evening Even the Tribune will hardly dare and is hot ou cranberries Jim your to assail the character or the motives of a man like lie another driver Mayor unless indeed he should have Three hundred minces one hundred apples the misfortune to to appointed to some office by and tbe pat or the load is pnmpkius andcran President Grant tonics Bless me if there one street most afeered to goto seeln had todissapint rom tne New York Standard three days hand running on minces It don't I The nnusual and extraoroinary demonstration now in honor of the late Collector tiie Hon Thomas made up their minds to nave mince pies for their I Christmas dinners Murphy last evening is a singular evidence of Without mui trouble we made bur entrance the justice and generosity of the people of New om Ples 'VeneversajV so York Attacked as no public officer has ever many in out life 1 les were stacked np fifty dep all around you higher than your head Pies were been attacked not only in his political relations as pies were coming and i tig all the time to tbe party which he has served so long but in enffln turning machinery ds capacity as a gentleman and a merchant adapted to pie making and there with their mouths wide open their capacious maws cram I followed with persistent injurious and cruel full ot pies the glare ot the furnace throwing its slanders from day to day pursued' even into ruddy glare on the golden pies acres of pies Wire the saered shelter of his family and his a tout fungus of doitehroUln'the ttoertotfnto I friendships by a spirit of vindictiveness that Ift 'nJ Ium a a A wry While semes ot women were ladieing out wa oury espewm wsmus inu good things and cramming apples in the pies who knew that he was followed with watchful and i i i wr UY isaolnttti BX BQ in hfo itAnran ua in nf thn flnu uicic BMKMi mgMiua3 oi sugar one man distriD utlng it around in the most reckless way with a ernment should take the first occasion to do him shovel' On line side hissed and spluttered huge compliment made almost without vats with cranberries getting cooked by steam distinction or party is a strong and honorable Was it possible that all the men women and chil tribute to his efficiency as an officer and his in dren in the world cowd eat that stack of pumpkins terrtty as a private geutleinan piled up in the corner there? What is that awful when the clonds of this era of defamation and looking machine grinding and rumbling away? slander shall have died away it will be seen that It is the mince mtit maker the crowning maL collector of the port Mr Murphy has not only terpiece of the whole done credit to the Administration winch ap we asked "areal! those vats full of but honor to his party and his mince friends 1 replied the proprietor we are dreadfully short and can hardly keep up with the TB Civil Berviee Anxiety te demand That poor machine is worked beyond I tearu its Effects many pies do you turn out in a for the purpose we asked aghast of attending to business in tbe Departments are "At an average 40 000 per week but we are frequently compelled to give their answers to the we in ted interrogatories How do you like qulrqd the Cml service As far as any know hard to sav May be according to le1Se of their real opinions can be ascertained a whether they cuts them In tour or full and free indorsem*nt of the report in all its on earth did this colossal business be 1 aspects is not entertained by them and some of we asked them have no hesitancy in avowing it But its "In the simplest way My wife commenced provisions relative to the withdrawal of patronage baking with a range and when we had sold the from Congressmen are admitted to be beneficial tirst four we made four more After a it andattimes useful asthe following fact will show: was in the range stand the pres A prominent Senator who for some time has no not a hundred range The people was been importuned by a young man earnestlyseek wild on onr pies ami kept expanding in a kind bffieial honors was met by the ambitious can of over wheltnuig way ever dldate yesterday who after making inquiry as to are then the pie eaters of the the prospects of his appointment propounded the world? question do you Hke the Civil service Re ies and liberty go hand in hand was the "Ven well very well indeed sir was reply a constant business Cheap fruit the reply1 xes but Senator said the young may effect us for a month or so but ever so little man thinking to excite his indignation "it takes Now we are running on mince heavy but apple away all your patronage "My dear sir that pies are staple ail the year the very thing I am anxious for I am glad of ruita is cats is out we very inadvert was the Senatorial reply It is presumed that the ently remarked as if to ourselves candidate gives up liis chances for clerical life as replied the worthy proprietor gravely hopeless "I have forgotten the lamented Mr Dickens long ago for this bit of fun Dnplleate Kames in Congress De mortuis we said In the present House of Representatives' are honXtf1 Only the wilMnaka glSd twelve duplicate names of members as follows: crust Try a piece of the mince and a huge Two Austin of Michigan and of segment was offered us I Mis ourl two Benjamin of Massa It may not be an aristocratic pie with layers I chusetts andR of Tennessee two Clarks on layers of crust like a Dictionary has reeman of New York and of Texas Raves but it may I call it a sincere articie two Charles of Ohio and of renn aud appeals to the masses Weate apiece and Sylvania two of Mississippi aud fouiKl it was sincerity in a pie sense With John of Virginia two Hazeltons of our mouth full wp said: Wisconsin and VV of New Jersey two Perrys "The Queen of Hearts Aaron of Ohio and Eli of New York two She made some tarts Y' of Illinois and of Kentucky AH on a day I two and both of New "That might have been so in the nursery York two It of Pennsylvania and rhymes but here it is no play What of Georgia: two Dwight of with forty hands and thirty horses in the pie New York and Washington of Pennsylvania business that Queen would have had her hands two William of Indiana and William of New York two of Ohio and "Arie yon well posted In the history of mince I Jeremiah of Indiana also three we asked Dutch is it not? Brought of New York a of Ohio and Worthington over here from of Vermont "Veiy Ukely bur an American institution In the Senate are four duplicates: Two Davises I Garrett of Kentucky aud HenryG of Wed "You don't knovf how old it is do Virginia two errys On isSof Connecticut "Never thought of that Sir age hurt I and Thomas of Michigan two Hamiltons our mince pies they are good a year old Morgan of Texas and Wm of Maryland Thanking our worthy pie mauufacturer for his I twoMorrilis Lot of Maiue and Justins of politeness withthe savory taste of the pie still in Vermont our mouth we left happy with the thought that our beloved chronicler had not deceived us for we Salaries of Custom House Officers now felt cer tai that the thousand oxen at the Senator wht tne com Abbey of Sk Dennis must have gone into mince SeBr 1 BUl Wftat tlie Com yes every one of them I mtssloner ot Customs Thinks The Commissioner of Customs thinks favorably Te New ifty Dollar Treasury Notes of Senator bill for regulating and fixing Counterfelteff the pay of custom house officers He states that One ot tbe detectives in the office of Colonel the present laws under which they receive fees in Whitley chief of the Secret Service division cases of fines penalties and forfeitures are soill Treagury Department reports that in Little Rock worded aud ambiguous that it is often impossible Ark afewdavs since ihe discovered a counter t8 determine with certainty their true meaning ATK ai ewaays since neai sco veieaacoun ter a(ld a resnlt the collectors and other officers! jettw toe new Issue of fifty dollar United States taking advantage of the ambiguity by construing notes The note is one eighth of an laws in their ownfavor and withholding the IncnahcHter than the genuine and is printed on nionev claimed by them as fees the accounts of inferior pap The work is well executed and is his office are burdened with balances against a calculated to deceive in commercial circles Both large number of those who are now out of service the viguett on the bogus note are goodimica I But he declares his intention of clearing off these eyes of the female figure are cast balances as far as possible by bringing suit in Soeyto lhe left instead of to the front as iu every case ol this kind to recover the money thus the figure of the good notes due the United States HAinaoAri SMASH UP Itedirful Cellisleu Betweeu aCeal Trlu aT Mass ot THe ireman ifteen Cars reelpilated Dewn an Embankment lute tbe River New York December Yesterday when a coal train was within three quarters of a mile of Lackawapen on tbe Honesdale branch of the Erie railway one of the rocks on the side ot theroad weighing many hundreds tons tumbled down and lodged on the railroad track a few feet ahead of the approaching train which was run ning pretty lart The engineer Wood andJobnbhnltz fireman were thrown from the engine the latter being thrown on his head and Was instantly killed while Hie engineer was only slightly injured The locomotive was completelywrecked The center of the train was thrown high into the air forming for an Instant a huge pyramid then fifteen of the ears went crashing down an embankment forty feet to the river GLACE NECTARINES MIRABELS CHOCOLATE CANDIES CHRISTMAS TREE CANDIES WESTPHAL! A BAMS LORIDA ORANGES MALAGA GRATES BURCHSUL Jip? W38 7 TRUNKS REPAIRED AND COVERED AT BHOaZ NOTICE ALSO HARNESS JAlEUC9kB 1TO1BAM CD 25 Sewentte Street ffiBwAlevM4 eHewdJn titBOWWG STORE 551 ifUnth trreek upix tite Treasury Wa wHT All the above Goods must be sold in the next few days Call early and get your choice JOS SAVAGE 1003 Pennsylvania Ave Corner Tenth street I a 4 THE I8HEBIES Meilc la Beta Prteetlen Dls Appointment ot a Committee Ceasalt wttli Cearres Bostox December 27 A meeting was held here to day of persons interested in the fisheries in which thi question of protection was dicnsscd and tbe appointment of a committee to wtut upon our Senators and Representatives in Congress and endeavor with them to obtain bounty or some other means ot neutralizing whatever evils the treaty may threaten to inflict on the fishermen The committee is to be selected by different towns including one member from each town interested in the fisheries Among those present were General Butler and Congressman Buffington General Butler is toaddress the citizens of Prince town to morrow on the fishery question Tbe ExcbaaKiMel Rlebmead Va aale Among tbe Guests Richmond Va December A The kitchen of the Exchange Hotel is now burn ing and the i re may communicate to the main Building The guests are all panic stricken and are moving out SECOND DISPATCH Richmond' Vx December A The fire was subdued without much injury to the main building Considerable damage was done to the furniture of the hotel by moving The stocks of Cranz liquor dealer and Latouohe mer chant tailor who have stores under tbe burning building on ourteenth street were also damaged by moving and water The panic among the guests was very great many rushing out With nothing but their night clothes fearing another SpoUswood calamity Aeeideut te Steamer New York December 27 The steamer Cuba hence for Liverpool while going down the Lower Bay this inorulug struck on the Knolls where she now remains The Coast Wrecking Company have sent a steamer to her assistance SECOND DISPATCH New York December The steamer Cuba still remains ashore They have relinquished he attempt to get her off en this tide and will proba bly have to discharge some of her cargo to lighten the vessel DIARIES.

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